Sunday, June 20, 2004

Charmed, I'm sure

I remember when I was a kid and going to the dentist meant picking a toy from the treasure chest. It made all the teeth cleanings and cavity fillings a lot more tolerable. What if the RE's office had a treasure chest to choose little prize from before or after each visit? Then I was thinking what could be in it. Maybe lotion samplers, scrunchies, funny socks for ultrasounds, little packs of decorative tissues, or chocolate for the IF soul. Considering the price of these services, having a little treasure chest couldn't cost that much.

Maybe they could give out charms for a bracelet. Little syringe charms, embryo charms, swimmer charms (sperm), speculum charms... maybe you could get special ones to signify your diagnosis so I'd get a male factor charm (maybe a swimmer with two tails), and a PCOS charm (little ovary charm with tiny pearl necklace)... or they could signify the journey like little wings for miscarriages, catheters for each IUI cycle, or petri dishes for IVF... the possibilities are endless. Anyways, that way when I saw a pregnant woman at the store, if she was wearing an infertility bracelet with lots of charms, I would smile at her instead of just my usual pretending not to notice that she's pregnant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi :) I stumbled upon your blog while reading comments on Grrl's blog. I think the charm braceltt idea is fabulous!!

I would have a broken tube charm and a petri dish for a failed IVF. Lets hope I dont get a snowflake one for a failed FET.

My name is Debra :) nice to *meet* you.... I am off to finish reading your entries.

9:58 AM  
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