Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Black House

On the drive to school, we passed by the house under construction in our neighborhood that Janie likes to call her "Black House."  She told me that she's going to go to the store after school and buy some black and a little blue paint so that she can get the outside painted.  I asked about why she needed the blue paint for her Black House and she told me "Because the black is a little crazy."

She's been telling me about the Black House for probably a year.  It is stocked with all her favorite things, and at one time even had her other two Mommies there and a black Grandma.  That part about other Mommies really hurt my feelings, but she never knew it.  Of course her other Mommies would allow her to do a lot more than I do, or at least that's what she'd tell me when she'd get in trouble.  Now she tells me that I have a room there downstairs, and I can live there with her, but she will be the Mommy and I will be the little girl, and she and Daddy will get married.  Her ducks all have to share a room upstairs.  The inside is painted red and black, and has lots of toys.  She said her bed is black with little pink monsters on it at the dentist.  Monsters are allowed to come into her Black House as long as they're going to be nice.  One time they broke a chair and they had to sleep outside.  In the backyard is a beach just like her Grandma's house, with lots of dolphins and no sharks.

The construction on this house is going really slow, which is good.  I'm worried about what will happen when it is done and they paint it a color other than black.  I don't want her to give up her marvelous Black House with all its happy black walls and black furniture. I'm trying to figure out what story I will tell her to explain the non-black exterior color it will inevitably be painted.  Maybe the monsters repainted it while she was at school, or it's painted black only on the inside or only in the back.  Hmmm, what is a good reason for a Black House not to be black?


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