Monday, July 05, 2004

Elaine's Chart

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine had something in her chart that made all doctors not want to see her for her rash? I think I have the opposite. I think my chart says "Great Insurance! Recommend surgery and don't forget to leave something for the next doc."

My general practioner gave me a referral to an eye doctor today for surgery on my eye. I'm still holding onto the referral to the oral surgeon I got from my dentist in January to have my wisdom teeth out. In December I had my gall bladder removed and in January I had the breast lump removed. I've had the hysteroscopy, 3 IUIs, and a million ultrasounds and other doctor's appointments just this year as we've marched towards our IVF cycle this month. I cannot comprehend how to get more doctors appointments into my schedule, let alone more surgeries. I want to scream.. I'm a Healthy Woman Dammit! Leave Me Alone!

(Of course it could be said that *I* decided to have all the infertility treatments, except I don't see it that way. If I could decide, I would conceive my children at home with just my husband and for free.)

The only thing I had to comfort me this morning as I pulled myself out of bed after a late night of BBQ and fireworks was that this doctor would only be looking at my eye so at least no stirrups and under-gown examinations.


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