Monday, September 27, 2004

Bye Bye Love

My husband is gone. Not forever, although it seems that way. His job just sent him to Florida to help restore power. He works on power poles for a living, climbing them, working on energized lines, living the dangerous life. Things must be pretty bad out there for them to take guys all the way from California. Also, I'm assuming that the teams they probably put in weeks ago after the first hurricane need some relief or have to go back to their home states for their own storm damage. In any case, he's gone for 4 weeks.

He swore to me that he will be back in time for my amnio and ultrasound in late October. Two days later will be our anniversary, and two days after that will be Janie's birthday. Last year he missed Halloween and his birthday because he was working for 3 weeks near Los Angeles after their fires to restore their power. In about February he left for 3 weeks to Northern California for storm damage. You'd think I'd be used to this, except I'm not. I get cranky. Not at him, not at anyone, just cranky in general.

I've got logistical nightmares because of my night classes. Instead of Matt watching Janie during my classes, I've got to drive her to my sister's or cousin's an hour out of the way, if they are even able to sit. For work, I don't know how I'll do my next trips to Arizona. My friend's baby will be having heart surgery so she's busy as well as her family. I'm going to have to be very creative.

Still, these are not what bothers me most. First of all, Janie will miss him and not understand why he's gone so long. Sure, I'll explain that he's out there to help people, but it's hard for a child her age to understand all that. Secondly, I'll miss him. I'm used to having him to talk to, to hold, to lean on. It kills me when he's gone.

This weekend I wanted to kick him. He was visiting his parents when his work called about the trip. I called and told him that he could only go if he could come back on the 21st. October 22nd is my big ultrasound and amnio and he has to be here for it. The next day, his work called and said for him to be ready to go at 7am on Monday. I reminded them that he needs to be back on the 21st. They said that he's coming back on the 23rd. I told them that he's not going unless he comes back on that date and they basically ignored me, the shrill wife. I called Matt and found out he didn't tell them about the date stipulation. He said he'd be back for it but didn't think that he needed to tell them. What? After a big "discussion", he said he would call them back.

Sometimes I think he's still in that military mentality whereas he doesn't know that there are options. Coming back two days early for something that important should not be a huge issue when he's going to be gone for 4 weeks. What's 2 days to them? He doesn't want to cause problems or make waves. I've learned with Matt that if I don't stress it, he won't make it happen and I will lose out. You know what they say; you always hurt the ones you love.


Blogger Jen P said...

I hope he does make it back in time. And I hope the time flies while he's gone. Best wishes.

6:53 PM  
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