Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Gossiping Busy Bodies

My brother called me yesterday to ask me some financial questions. Midway through the conversation, he tells me that our Dad found out I was pregnant from a woman at his work. Phoenix is not a small town. This is the work of some special busy bodies who should mind their own business.

At work, I've only told my boss and her assistant Di (my friend). I'm close with both, plus I had told them about the IVF since I would be missing so much work. They also both know that this is still a secret until I get past some of this danger time. In case something happens, you know. I trust both completely, and both have told me that they did not tell anyone.

There's a woman we'll call Beckitch who used to work at my office and now works at my father's work. She only worked in my office for 4 months before she was fired. Imagine a brand new person joining an office that has employees who have all been there at least 5 years, some with over 20 years experience. She is paid more than any of us (big mistake my boss hasn't done again). She cannot do the work. During a meeting with all but my boss she actually presented the idea that instead of us doing our work independently, it should all be routed through her. She would collect the assignments and present them for us. No one said anything. Well, no one except me. I couldn't possibly keep quiet. Like I need another boss and not to get credit for the work that I'm doing. The indepence is part of the job we like the most. My boss is very hands off; she doesn't want to get involved in the detail and trusts us to manage ourselves. I think Beckitch was desperate to find a way to stay in the department but without doing the actual work.

Beckitch then got a job at my father's work. He says she has a do nothing job which would be perfect for her. I told him not to trust her. The work in separate departments in this large company, and his position is much higher. She tried to ingratiate herself with him (brown nose) by telling him she was my friend, but he knew better.

Beckitch is still friends with one woman in my office, Sallitch. The rest of us couldn't stand Beckitch, but Sallitch actually believed all her smoke and mirrors. There is always one.

Back to the original story. There is a rumor at my father's work that I'm pregnant. (Rumor, as if I'm his 16 year old wayward daughter instead of married and 33.) I know immediately it is Beckitch because no one else knows me there. Beckitch must have found out from Sallitch. Di checked Sallitch's schedule and found they had lunch together last week. I just don't know how Sallitch found out. Either someone told, or she guessed.

Yesterday I spent raging. I was so angry. These small minded busy bodies discussing my personal life over their lunch and then having the nerve to bring it to my father's work. I wanted to call them up and ask them who the hell they think they are and why they think my life is their business. I sent a note to my father apologizing, explaining again that Beckitch is a useless busy body and asked for her number so I could tell her off. Unfortunately he didn't give it to me. And I don't want to cause him problems.

I also want to know how Sallitch found out. Did someone I trust betray me? My stomach turns at that thought. How could she have guessed this? It's not like I've been pregnant that many times, or that I hadn't missed work before for health issues that had nothing to do with pregnancy. Maybe she overheard something.

Maybe I should shrug it off. Is it a rumor if it's true? It's just that I'm not ready to tell and yet it's out there. Like it's no big deal. Like it's not my good news to share. Like it's a sure thing.

Today I'm not as angry, just smoldering. Feeling like I can't trust anyone. In the meantime, Sallitch better not cross me or I will have my say so. May her 65 year old dyed blond hair immediately self combust into a flaming ball of fire.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about this. Yenta (gossips) annoy the crap out of me. Beckitch, hee hee, love that.


9:17 PM  
Blogger Jen P said...

Oh my goodness how I laughed over the combustable hair. How I've secrely wished that on people!!

I'm sorry to hear about these gossipy iches. Stupid, stupid, stupid itches. I'm seething too.

I hope they all shut up and leave you the hell alone.

And that you and flicker have a great weekend.

5:55 PM  
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