Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Janie's School

Post all about my child.... be forewarned....

I kept Janie out of preschool today. She has been out for 1 1/2 weeks for vacation. This is some of the conversation.

J - "I don't wanna go to school." (imagine genuine sad face, not fakey one)
P -- "Why not?"
J - says nothing, looks down, sees my purse by her leg and starts getting into it
P -- "Is it the kids?" "The teachers?"
J - still says nothing, starts scribbling on my checks
P -- "Do you want to go to a different school?"
J - "YES!" (looks up at me, smiling, nodding head quickly up and down)
P -- "But you won't know anyone there."
J - starts typing on the calculator she found in my purse
P -- "Who is meanest, the kids or the teachers."
J - "The teachers."
P -- "Who is the meanest teacher, Ms. I or Ms. J?"
J - scribbles more
P -- "Who is the meanest, Ms. A or Ms. S?"
J - "Ms. A."
P -- "You don't like Ms. A?"
J - nods her head yes with bottom lip stuck out and eyes down
P -- "Why not?"
J - starts pulling coins from the bottom of my purse
P -- "Do you want to be in Ms. R's class instead?"
J - "Yes."
P -- "Or do you want to go to a new school?"
J - "A new school!"
P -- "But you won't know anyone there."
J - "Maybe I will." starts putting on my chapstick all around her lips and inside her mouth
P -- "No Baby, you won't, but that's okay. If you want, we can go see a new school."
J - "YES!" big smile at me with those big blue eyes, I don't stand a chance.

So I kept her home. In June she graduated from the 3 year old class to the 4 year old class with Ms. A. This teacher has been out most of the summer on vacation. I don't think she was back yet when Janie started her vacation. I don't know if Janie is just unsure of the unknown of Ms. A, or if she really doesn't like her from the few times she's been with her. I know that I find her style to be a little stern so that's why I'm not fighting this too much.

Am I spoiling her? The only child of an infertile couple is bound to be a little spoiled. I just can't imagine not listening to her. If she's willing to try a new school, then that's what we'll do. Of course I've already paid the $200 deposit, $650 first payment, and $650 second payment for school that officially started today. What I did was set up an appointment at the other Montessori school for us to visit tomorrow. They are run by the same head office so I'm hoping if I change her to this school they will transfer the money. If she doesn't like the new school, then I can see about putting her in the 3 year old class for another year or the 5 year old class. I like the teachers in either class, but it's not the best situation since she's about to turn 4 in October. She's bright, but very (!) shy. She doesn't talk to people she doesn't know, and even takes time to warm up to those she does. That's why I'm surprised that she would be willing to start a new school. The whole conversation really surprised me. It gave me a stomach ache. I don't want her to hate school and I can't stand the thought of anyone not being nice to her.

I tried asking her more about Ms. A later, but she told me that we'd already talked about it. Funny how she can get that concept but not the one of answering all questions. That's okay. Preschool is not supposed to be stressful.

Since she's home, today she is wearing the dress-up wedding dress my mother bought her along with a princess hat with veil. She's playing her Wee Sing tape, and typing on our label maker which is out of tape. She's pretending it's her laptop. She said that she's working so not to bother her. I'm also under strict orders to be quiet because the ducks (toy) are sleeping. She laid them down for their naps in my office because she's too busy working to watch them. Sometimes her imitations of me are not that flattering.


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