Friday, September 10, 2004

My rage

Pregnancy makes me angry. Actually, I'd be angry anyways.

Work. I get a call from a Director. Her software for budget wasn't installed and IT said they wouldn't get to it for 5 more days. I call IT and explain that I had put in the request in July and got a note that it was completed in August. Yet, it must not have been completed since she doesn't have it installed yet.

IT explains that they thought they had installed it correctly, but they didn't. They have 500+ applications and this is a once a year process for one. They checked with the DSS department and they assured them it was done correctly. They didn't know it wasn't done right until this week. Now they are trying to fix it but won't get it done for a few days. Big apologies.

Next I email DSS. I don't call them because I deal with these smug know-it-alls all the time and I want their boss to know. I tell them how this was not done correctly by IT and their portion of responsibility for it. All I wanted was that next year they work better with IT to make sure it is done correctly. After all, I am the one dealing with the phone calls from Directors and they are the experts for this application.

DSS email me back that I did not request it properly or in the right time period.

Excuse me? Oh, I requested it exactly as DSS told me to, with more than a month's advance notice, like they told me to. In my email I wrote "exactly as you had instructed" a few times in italics throughout my note so they will be able to clearly read it. I included other choice saying such as how I don't understand their reluctance to work with IT on this issue or why they wouldn't want suggestions towards improving next year's processes.

I wanted to end it with "You Stupid Bitch" but unfortunately I could not.

Now they've set up a meeting next week to discuss. Fine. I invited IT since they hadn't. I can't see what there is to discuss since all of them messed up but we are paying the price. Totally ridiculous.

But I like to rage now and then. It gets my heart pumping. It gets me to stop smiling and look serious. I'm so much better at business when I'm angry. I get taken seriously and scare a few people. Not good people, but the ones who think they are hot stuff but are really warm bodies.

My younger brother was closing on his house this week and having some troubles. I told him what to say when he called back the title company. He asked how I pull myself together for such confrontations. Actually, I hate confrontation, but I do have an inner rage that I can tap into now and then. It's not that visible from the surface and I don't yell or lose my temper. I wish I had a vein that bulged, but actually it's kind of hard to tell unless compared to my usual easy-going self. Well, Matt can tell. He's had the day off and has spent it playing with his tools in the garage. He said he heard part of a call, saw the look on my face, and decided he was safer out there.

I'd agree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers to a fellow inner rager that uses it sometimes...only when needed of course. So go on with your bad self....

Oh that sounds so silly I am a little embarassed that I wrote it but oh well...

-alexhere from the kitchens of the infertile gourmet

11:20 PM  
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