Monday, September 27, 2004

No News Yet

Matt called this afternoon and told me that they were headed to Davis to fly from an air force base there. They were taking military transport to Orlando because they were also flying their trucks out there. He also said that one of the local papers saw them off so he may may have a picture in the paper tomorrow. He's not sure where he will be working yet in Florida. No call tonight so I still don't know where he is. I miss him terribly.


Blogger Dee said...

Oh, Pazel, I hope the time without Matt flies by and that he is back soon.

Even though he does not yet know where in Florida he will be, please tell him that this Floridian is especially grateful for men like him coming to help us. It is truly wonderful to see how the power companies come to aid each other in times of need, come to aid people like me who take electricity for granted.

He is an everyday hero and I am thankful for the work that he and so many other men like him do and volunteer for; men who give up their own time to help those in need. So please tell him thanks from me, a hot cranky south Floridian who is patiently waiting for her electricity to be restored--and, as Tom Petty has often reminded us, "the waiting is the hardest part." *Sigh* how true in life and in IF.

Much love to you....

7:40 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

Sorry--me again! I bet Matt's heading for my neck of the woods. I just read in today's local paper that FP&L is flying California utility folks in to help us out. We've got 9 staging areas set up from Palm Beach to Indian River county (SE of Orlando) and my guess is he'll be enjoying the local charms of this region.

Hope the four weeks without him flies by--and I'm very serious when I said thanks--to him--but also to you for sparing/sharing him. I know I'm not the only resident grateful for 'outside' help. (Hey, can you put in a good word for me so he personally comes and gets the power on at our house? 'Cause dang it's hot and humid!!) Better go, time to go sweat some more...note that just breathing outdoors makes you sweat in these parts this time of year. *Wheeze * rattle * huff * puff *

11:21 AM  
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