Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Return of the Panel Pants

I did it. I had to. I wish I didn't because I'm not ready, but I was powerless.

I'm wearing maternity pants. Today is my first day. Some of my jeans are big enough and low enough that they still fit, but yesterday I could not get comfortable. My jeans became a form of corset. I went shopping and purchased some maternity pants, shorts and shirts. The shirts still look ridiculous, but the pants feel good.

I'm only 10 weeks and 2 days today. That's a bit early to be in maternity pants. I could say that with the second child there is a phenomenon known as warming in which the uterus relaxes early causing an earlier pooch. Truth is, I believe I'm just eating too much. I try to eat only good foods, but I succumb.

The other night I was suffering from a tiredness that went straight to my bones. I was so hungry and exhausted, communication between me and my beloved fell apart.

Matt - I'll make you something. You know I can't cook though.
Pazel ~ I know. I just need protein. Really bad. Lots of it.
M - How about a grilled cheese sandwich?
P ~ No.
M - Cheese and crackers?
P ~ (whiny) Nooo. Protein. I need protein.
M - How about a salad? You had one last night.
P ~ nooooo. I need meat.
M - Janie and I were about to have some Spaghettios. Do you want some of that?
P ~ Definitely not.
M - Well I don't know what you want.
P ~ Can't we get some take-out from somewhere?
M - Do you want some McDonald's or Taco Bell?
P ~ Nooo. Like real food.
M - (brings me the raw meat from the refrigerator) Do you want some of this? How should I cook it?
P ~ Eww. No. Don't show me that. C'mon, I'm not feeling well. Don't bring me raw meat.
M - Well then I've tried e v e r y t h i n g but there's no pleasing you. (He gives up on me and gets to making the Spagettios.)

Eventually I made my way up off the couch, called Outback and ordered a filet for take-out. Of course I had to go and get it myself, grumbling the whole way. But it tasted so good, as did the cheesecake I got with it and shared with Janie. He didn't get any since I was mad at him.

See, I'm just eating larger portions than I used to and having desserts when I didn't used to. I'm also not skipping any meals. If I do miss a meal I get shaky. All in all it adds up to a belly that doesn't fit in my pants for a baby that's probably only an inch or two long. I've also gained 4 lbs (on a good morning). The book says that I should only gain 5 in the first trimester. I have a feeling I'll be going over that number.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
First, don't go beating yourself up over 4 pounds. Seriously, think about it like this. Doesn't the first trimester end at 12 or 13 weeks? You're most of the way there! If you're about 10 1/2 weeks, then you've only gained .38 pounds a week. Worst case scenario, depending on whose math you use for when the first trimester ends, if you continue at the same rate you'll gain .95 more pounds by the end of the trimester, rendering you PERFECTLY ON SCHEDULE...or perhaps in need of one additional popsicle. Besides, if they say "about" 5 pounds that means there are women who have gained a bit more.

Meanwhile, I currently own one pair of maternity pants. I've worn them twice and they are oh so comfortable and nobody but you has to know they're maternity pants. The one shirt I own, yep, looks pretty ridiculous. Ah but I finally have faith I'll grow into it.


1:16 PM  
Blogger Meh said...

Ha ha, exactly like me, except I think i was in maternity pants at 9w. And I am also convinced its because of the eating, although its also my second pg. I am having bigger portions and eating dessert.

I swear I could have written your post.

Maternal stores and all that :-)

9:47 PM  
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