Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Stalker Returns

Matt called last night from Fort Lauderdale. I don't know if that's where they will be working or staying but that's where he was last night.

Yesterday he and his crew were front page of our local paper... Sorry for all the X's etc. There's some crazy people out there so I have to maintain some anonymity.

XXXXX crew off to Florida
PG&E sends teams
to restore electric service in hurricane-ravaged state

They’ve dealt with firestorms in San Diego and windstorms in Anaheim.
But the XXXX-based Pacific Gas & Electric Co. construction crew en route to help out in Florida said it might have a couple new deadly forces with which to contend.
“Crocodiles and hepatitis,” said [Matt Pazel], referring to the possible spread of disease due to the spilled sewage in the wake of Hurricane Jeanne.
[Pazel], a XXXXX resident, belongs to one of two East BayPG&E crews traveling to Florida to help restore power to the thousands of residents left in the dark because of
damage from four recent hurricanes, said spokesman Brian Swanson. The
other Florida-bound crew is based in XXX.
[Pazel] and his crew mates, foreman Tim X, Gene and Mason were busy Monday morning cleaning and packing up their line and bucket trucks, which were to be shipped on trailers to Florida.
They were scheduled to meet up later in Davis with the other 23 PG&E crews from
Northern and Central California also going to Florida. All 130 workers were expected to fly out of Sacramento this morning.
X anticipates his crew will start out inFlorida with a 36-hour shift, and then continue with 16 hours on and eight hours off for at least one month, he said. “They’ve had
to pretty much start from scratch,” he said.
Despite some dread about humidity and mosquitoes, the crew seemed excited to get going. “You know you’re going to help people, so that’s kind of neat,” X said.
PG&E is one of the few utilities in the country that still has its own “general
construction” division, X said. General construction crews, which
maintain infrastructure for electric systems, are considered mobile units, so
they are used to traveling where they are needed, he said.

.... the article continues but you get it.

I don't know where Matt gets this crocodile and hepatitis stuff. I haven't heard of anyone in Florida being bitten or getting sick because of the flooding and I'm sure by now the floods shown on TV have receded. I think those guys get together and try to imagine the worst - like a game of gross out that little boys might play. Anyways, is it alligators or crocodiles in Florida anyway?

Unfortunately this newspaper article hearlded the return of my stalker. I call her my stalker altough technically she's not really a stalker, she's just a bossy woman who won't leave me alone. Stalker-ish? Stalker-lite?

She's a friend of my mother-in-law's since high school, although they've lived hundreds of miles apart since then and have not remained close. When we moved to the Bay Area, she found out from my mother-in-law (MIL) and started calling me. My MIL swears that she didn't give her my number or tell her to call me. When we were buying a house, Stalker would call and tell me to dump my real estate agent and hire her friend who would give her a lawn mower for every referral. Despite the enticement of us getting nothing out of this deal except possibly being sued by our agent since we were in the middle of negotiations and getting instead an unknown agent who deals with lawn mowers, I declined the offer. Stalker is not used to hearing no so she would call me constantly and try to pressure me to use her agent. Because she was a friend of my MIL's, I was polite but still firm. Finally, Matt stopped being polite and told her to stop calling.

When we bought our home and moved in, stalker showed up a day or two later. We did not give her our new address or our move in date, and my MIL says she didn't either. Stalker parked in front and tried to befriend me when I came out. I told her that I'm busy moving and have plenty of help. After that I would see Stalker drive by slowly in her purple PT Cruiser. I used to like those cars until my stalker started stalking me in one. Soon she had our new number and started calling me. Most of the time I wouldn't answer and she would leave urgent messages for me. "Pazel, it's me Stalker, remember? Your MIL's best friend? Call me back. It's very important." I would delete the message and ask my MIL to tell her to stop calling me. She would also leave messages describing how she could watch our daughter (in her house of 25 cats) or the name of a local day care (back when Janie was home full time with me). Stalker couldn't understand that I didn't consider her my friend, she's a stranger to me, and I don't care if she and my MIL went to high school together.

Then Stalker left a bag of used children's clothes on my doorstep. Next time she called I told her thank you but no thank you. Soon there were more bags and boxes of used children's clothing arriving. I no longer called to thank her, just donated them to charity. I grew up with bags of used clothing from strangers and cannot stand the idea of dressing my daughter in the same. They're great for when you need them, but we don't need them. Did I forget to mention how much infertile women love to dress their only children? Anyways, since she got me to answer a call due to a bag of clothing, she was trying to use them to finally pry her way into my home.

Eventually the phone calls stopped, probably because I'm an ungrateful b****. There would still be a drive-by now and then, but I would pretend I didn't see her. I'm a very friendly person, but I hate pushy people, especially unsolicitated pushy people who find my phone number or address from unknown sources and pretend to be my friend. If someone told me not to call them anymore, I would stop. I guess I'm just funny that way. I'm very sensitive to any hint that my friendship isn't wanted and would not need to be told outright to go away - as she has been told.

So yesterday, my husband was in the paper and it brought my stalker back to life. I got home last night from picking Janie up at my sister's after my class. There was a message on my machine and I was very excited since I figured it would be my long lost husband. Instead it was my stalker. "Hi Pazel, it's me Stalker, your MIL's best best friend from high school? Did you know that your husband's picture was in the paper? You have to call me. It's very important."

Oh man, she's back. I deleted the message. She tried calling me again about an hour ago but I didn't pick up. Half of me expects her to stop by for an unannounced visit. I know she's going to keep calling until she reaches me, but I'm not answering. If I did, I would not be a nice person, so it's better that I don't. I'm also waiting for the arrival of more bags of used clothing destined to appear on my doorstep.

I don't understand why this woman wants to contact me so badly. I've made it clear that I don't want any relationship with her but yet she seeks any opportunity to try to insert herself into my life. Frankly, she makes my MIL look passive, and I already have a MIL so I don't need another. Just because they were friends doesn't mean we are. I just don't get it.

Maybe she's a sweet wonderful woman and her repeated phone calls and drive-bys are just her way of trying to be friendly and helpful. Yet, when those are rebuffed, why keep on trying? Since I don't want or need her help, why does she persist?

No good can come of this. I'm going to have to be mean again. Maybe sooner rather than later just to restore my sense of security especially now that my husband isn't around. If she's assuming I'm weak without him, she's gravely mistaken.


Blogger amanda said...

Sorry to hear about the stalker. She sounds like a complete looney tune. Oh, and you're right, it's alligators not crocodiles.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice and sweet, my overly large arse...she's an effing loon. Eff off comes to mind. I'll be happy to do it for you, as blunt at that. I'm from New York city and a barren, bitter, nasty infertile so I always look for opportunties to have a reason to be nasty to someone one, LOL. There's a screw loose there and she is NOT illiciting normal behavior. She really is a stalker, really. Tell her that you will get a restraining order if necessary and screw what the family thinks. Tell you MIL this and mean it and see if that sends the message. O.k., maybe it's harsh, but there's something in her behavior that has my overly suspicious nature of people heightened.

Sorry you have to deal with this. Wish you luck.



3:20 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Yep, it's alligators (for the most part; crocs are only around the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant in south Miami-Dade county). And it's probably West Nile virus, not hepatitis he was thinking of--dang mosquitos! There is still some flooding, particularly in western sections of the counties but it's slowly receding. He's dead on about the heat and humidity, that's fo' sho.' Tell him to drink LOTS of fluids.

Yieks, sounds like you may have to tell your stalker to bugger off. Lots of luck with that one. Maybe she's a lonely old bat trying to--as you said--ingratiate herself into your family. Good luck with that one.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm. Yeah. I vote for being mean.
This woman is absolutely off her rocker. You don't need this.
Hope Crocodile Matt gets back soon.

5:37 PM  
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