Thursday, October 28, 2004


My daughter turned 4 years old. 4! She now knows that she knows everything. Her pink princess party is on Saturday.

She has a boy friend (not boyfriend) at school named Armand (name not made up, it's his real name). Everyday she tells me new things about Armand...
.. Armand likes chocolate cupcakes the best, but he still ate one of the pink ones I brought.
.. I shared my Sleeping Beauty stickers with Armand. Since he's a boy I gave him the one of her in a blue dress.
.. My favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty but Armand's favorite is Belle.
.. Armand and I play Sleeping Beauty. He's the prince and kisses me to wake me up.

Janie is a funny kid. I brought her to school this morning and hung out for a little bit working on her letters. Armand kept coming up to her "Hi Janie. Janie. Hi. Hi Janie. Janie. Janie. Hi." and so on. My daughter is not social in the morning, I like to joke it's because she hasn't had her coffee yet but really she's just not a morning person, just like me. So she ignores Armand as he's desperately trying to get her attention. She just looks down trying to keep working and pretending she doesn't hear anything. Then he says, "Janie, do you have teeth? Do you have any teeth? Janie? Janie? Do you have teeth?" And so on until she gives a little smile while still looking down. When he sees the smile, he smiles and says, "Yep" then runs back to his chair, happy. He must love a girl that plays hard to get.

Oh Armand.


Blogger amanda said...

Happy Birthday Janie!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Janie!

And Armand...he's quite the little charmer. Already smart enough to pick a favorite princess and eat a pink cupcake to make his girl(friend) happy.

7:55 AM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

I'm a lurker. This was lovely!

6:41 PM  
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