Friday, October 01, 2004

Grandma's Coming

Matt called last night and said that although they're staying in Fort Lauderdale, they're working about an hour and a half south of there. Their trucks still haven't gotten there yet so they're using borrowed trucks. Yesterday they got power turned on for a bunch of people. I'm hoping Dee was included, otherwise he didn't get my message.

My mother is coming tonight or today, I'm not sure when. Janie is so excited she can barely contain herself. My mother was not a great mother, but she's the most fantastic grandmother. It's all the day-to-day stuff she couldn't handle. As a grandmother, she can play for a few hours or days and then go back home. I'm providing the meals, rules, safety and security so all she has to do is be fun, which she is. My daughter cries when she leaves because she's so much fun. Unfortunately she wasn't like that when I was a kid. There's no time for one-on-one when she's wrapped up in men, and 6 children meant no time for singular play time.

I have class all day tomorrow, so I feel like my work week is being extended. This will be my last Saturday class for the semester. I hate Saturday classes. Saturday is for catching up on housework and playing and errands and fun.

Sorry such a quick update. Work is a bear and I've got to get some housework done before she shows up. Also, I have my second OB appointment today. It should be pretty boring since there will be no ultrasound, but it's good to be at this point anyway. I hope I don't get in trouble for my weight. (eek!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck at your appointment. Shouldn't there be some rule that if you have to go through IF treatment, they should have to give you ultrasounds, any time you want? I mean, you spend your life during infertility treatments riding the dildocam, looking at things that are NOT exciting...and then when something exciting, TRULY EXCITING happens, they act like you wouldn't want to see it!!! My mini-rant is done now.

Meanwhile, I'm glad to read what you said about your mom as a grandmother. I am hoping for that.

Enjoy your visit. And if the doc gives you trouble about your weight, blame it on the voodoo eating.
Mandy (

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