Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Nesting Anyone?

I've got my work cut out for me this weekend. My main duty will be to start dismantling my home office. I've got to box stuff up and ship it back to Arizona or store it. I'm going to have a small garage sale and sell my desk, file cabinet, office couch, and that thing that the printer sits on that I bought from Arthur Andersen when they were getting new furniture. My biggest dilemma is how to get this two ton desk out of here since I won't be able to help. Matt says he can do it, but I know it took at least two strong men to get it in here. We'll see.

I'm also going to sell my dining room table and chairs. I hate this table. When we moved from Arizona, we sold our dining room table so we could have a fresh start. We first rented Matt's grandmother's house as we house hunted (very difficult to sell a nice house in Arizona then be confronted by the much higher housing costs in the Bay Area - Scary!). When we were moving from the grandmother's house, Matt and his uncle started loading her table and chairs into the moving van. When I questioned this, he told me that his grandmother said he could have them. When I told them I didn't want them (brass & oak veneer 1980s style set), he said they were better than nothing.

Soon after moving in, Matt's cousin calls to tell me that the grandmother is upset that I took her table. She knows because the grandmother told her aunt who told her. And then my MIL called to tell me the same thing. I told them all that I didn't want the damn table, never did, and that Matt said he had cleared it with her. I then told him to put it in his truck and drive it back.

Her house sold a day after it was on the market, so she no longer wanted it back. When we rented her house, we paid her rent, including two weeks rent when we didn't live there but we had stuff in her garage. She said she was calling the two weeks rent check the payment for the table, or at least that's what Matt's aunt told me as the grandmother never said anything to me.

Anyway, I got stuck with this ugly table and a lot of hard feelings after the gossip. The only reason I hadn't gotten rid of it yet was that Matt talked about how it was his grandparent's table and it was so useful and expensive. As if there are a lot of antiques from the brass 1980's furniture era.

So it's going. And I will party in the spot it now stands in.

Besides, I have another table. It's from my family and it is real wood, extremely heavy, very big, and old in the good sense. The top needs to be refinished and I'm not sure I'll have time to do that anytime soon, but a good table cloth will cover it in the mean time. My main job will be shopping for chairs, but that's not too bad. I'll get to pick out what I like.

As for the baby's room, once I get the office stuff out of here, I can start painting. I bought the crib bedding on Saturday, which was a huge step for me. Admitting I'm pregnant and investing in the outcome. Besides, I needed to pick out the bedding so that I could settle on my theme and colors. It will be little sail boats, light houses, sand castles, and star fishes. The set is officially called "The Hamptons" but there's no rich people or parties depicted on the set. It's beachy, but not too theme-y, just light and calming. You can almost hear the waves and the seagulls. Maybe I should cover the wood floor with a layer of fine sand... or maybe not.

If I don't talk to you until then, please have a very happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey and take a wonderful nap.


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