Friday, November 26, 2004

Still A Ways To Go

Generally speaking, there are only two reasons for asking a pregnant woman how far along she is:

A. To compare her due date to her belly size.
or B. At some attempt towards conversation.

The problem is, the conversation ends quickly after an answer is given by the pregnant woman and then the questioner replies with either:

A. You've still got a ways to go then.
or B. You're getting close.

At least these answers are better than outright comments on my belly size compared to my due date. (Yes, I know I look farther along. How fun for you to point it out for me.)

I've been getting the "ways to go" comment a little too often lately. First, just two days ago when I was buying the crib and changing table from some man who listed them on craigslist. Obviously he gained a lot of sensitivity and insight through becoming a father. Then yesterday at Thanksgiving from Matt's grandmother immediately after telling me that I'm getting a little round (understatement of the year), then asking when I'm due again. Maybe she thought that her memory was mistaking her. No way could I be due in early April when I look so due now.

I've never felt compelled to guess how far along a pregnant woman is. Unless you guess right on target it causes problems. If you guess too small, then she'll start to doubt herself and wonder if there's something wrong with the baby. If you guess too big, she'll know you're making some statement on her overall weight and how much she's eating. Trust me, I'm always guessed too big and it's not fun. It's the only time people feel compelled to make comments on my general appearance and I don't appreciate it.

Between you and me, I'm not concerned about my weight and neither is my doctor. She has never said anything one way or the other. She's always told me that my belly measures on target. I just have to think that there are those petite pregnant women who are ruining it for us larger pregnant gals. Creating an image that some of us just can't live up to, and I don't really need to. I just want size comments to go away.

Frankly, I don't think I've got a ways to go. Considering the over three years it took this baby to be conceived, I think I'm on the home stretch to only have 4 more months until his arrival. 4 more months is nothing in the grand scheme. Cake walk in comparison to 4 months or more stretched out without much hope of even starting the 9 month time clock. I know and I remember. I'm grateful to have made it this far and for each day that I wake up still pregnant and the baby still kicking.

I know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Said perfectly.

Mandy (

9:30 PM  
Blogger Demented M said...

Very well said! Why haven't I linked to you? I will rectify that very soon.

Enjoyed your posts esp about the hubs and IVF.

And don't worry you look perfect.


9:34 AM  
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