Monday, December 27, 2004

Catching Up

Back from the holidays. There's so much to catch up on, I don't think I can give it all justice.

Tuesday night - Janie and I went to The Nutcracker by the San Francisco Ballet in the city...
"Mom, why are the boy dancers naked?"
"Sshh. They're not. They're wearing tights."
"But they don't have any pants on. And no underwears. I can see their butts."
Yes, me too. She was enthralled the first half. The second half she got bored. Part way through she put her red velvet scrunchy with the white faux fur on her wrist like a mini tutu, and had her hand dancing around mimicking the ballerinas. (Imagine a sock puppet with no sock.)

Now prepare yourself for my holiday gripes...

Christmas eve day - While most of my brothers and sisters and their spouses or partners rest and play, I cook up the traditional lasagna, german apple cake, and fudge. When I propose that those who don't cook should clean, my older sister tells me that since she cooked last year (when I wasn't there) she doesn't have to. Whatever.

Christmas day - I cooked french toast, eggs and bacon. I put it all on the table while I finished cooking up the second batch of eggs. By the time I got to sit down, all the french toast was gone. What makes it worse for me is my sister-in-law had several, then excused herself after breakfast to secretly purge. At least I would have digested it.

Anyway, for lunch we had leftover lasagna as I refused to cook anymore. We also had a big debate on gay marriage. None of us are gay (that we know), but my family loves big loud discussions on political subjects. The problem is that one brother and his wife are conservative Christians so they ended up with hurt feelings, enough for my brother to stomp out for an hour long walk on the beach. It didn't help that he compared a man marrying a man to him marrying a tree or a 10 year old.
My mother was arguing for gay marriage but had used some sort of argument that marriage was set up to protect the children, that if gays with children can't get married then it's not protecting them. My older sister then said that if marriage was for the reason of having children, then all couples should have their fertility tested before getting married and infertile couples not allowed to marry. Yes, she said this in front of me and my husband, and yes she knows we're infertle (or were?). She was being facetious to win an argument, but there are better ways. Anyways, it turned into a huge stressful event for a nice Christmas day.

(My small part was to introduce the subject that despite however many gay couples marry, my marriage will remain unchanged. Actually, if there was anyone who hurt the sanctity of marriage it would be the heteros who marry 6 times or who like my baby sister start cheating a few months after the huge event. It's not the gays like Matt's cousin and her partner who have lived together for 10 years in a monogamous relationship and would like to state their vows publicly and have them respected by society such as doctors who want to pull the plug or Uncle Sam. I still don't get how couples getting married in San Francisco can hurt the marriage of someone living in Wisconsin. But I guess I'm just a California wacko.)

Meanwhile, Janie played with all her new princess and barbie stuff. My brother told me that he didn't get his girls all that stuff, implying that it was wrong, sexist. Frankly, his daughters are 3 and 1, and mine is 4, so she knows what she wants more than she did a year ago. Also, she is being raised by a raging feminist mother, so I don't think that equality will be a foreign subject. These are just the toys she currently wants and will eventually get over. I'm not worried. And I resent the judgments from my little brother.

So I'm glad to be home. I went shopping today and test drove my first minivan. It definately felt like a bus, especially since the steering wheel felt flat to me. Yet I couldn't beat it in space or safety. The negotiations have begun. The saleswoman is a crack up. She doesn't know how much I know and I feel very much in charge. For example, when I asked for the difference from invoice cost, she actually said that she never heard of invoice cost. Later when I told her that I didn't think we could come to an agreement on price because she didn't know invoice, she suddenly knew all about it. She also told me that they had a good 5.9% interest rate. When I told her I'd be getting a separate quote from my credit union, she asked that I not hold her to that rate since they could probably do something closer to 3.8%. My, my, my. Not only is it the end of the year so they have tons of deals, but it's pouring rain all week so business is slow. I feel very confidant that I'll get a good deal on my school bus, I mean minivan.

A minivan. So sad. According to Matt I won't be sexy anymore. But then again, my sedan wasn't all that sexy either.

p.s. You guys are quick! Correct guess already. There was even pictures passed around at Christmas with her and my sister, along with one on the refrigerator. Just in case we forget.

I just completed 25 weeks today. Can you believe it?


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Blogger Barren Mare said...

Ah, yes, the stressful Christmas arguments...just back from a family gathering having experienced something similar.

On the upside- ballet dancer butts in the Nutcracker. Whee!

Wishing you & your family a very happy holidays, dear Pazel, and all the best for 2005.

8:21 AM  
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