Monday, December 06, 2004

Ornamental Destruction

Pazel Quotes from this morning:
"Janie, don't throw that! It's not a ball, it's an ornament."
"Don't kick it either."

Pazel Quotes from last night:
"No, that ornament can't go in the bathtub."
(in best Fat Bastard voice while playing with nipple) "I'm sooo sexy."

Actual weekend conversation between Pazel & Janie:
"But how does Santa know I've been nice?"
"Because he checks his list."
"But I've been naughty too."
"You've been very nice. Santa knows."
"But I want Santa to know I've been naughty too."
"Because then I can have rocks. I like rocks."

We went yesterday to Half Moon Bay and got our tree. Last night we decorated it, although most decorations are in one section on the bottom due to Janie's inherited decorating sense. Whenever I tried to put them up high, she would complain that she couldn't reach them there. I also now have decorations everywhere else in my house as she takes them down to play with them. I don't complain, except that I need to go buy more ornaments as our tree looks kind of bare. We've been running a deficit lately with more ornaments lost or broken than purchased. The great Ornament Destruction of '03 is forecasted to continue through '04. She's very creative in finding new ways to break them. It's not that she's trying, she just plays with them to death.

In other news, I had my garage sale and sold off all my office furniture and the grandmother's table. Yay! The garage sale was tougher than ones I've had in the past for many reasons. First, it was freezing cold here which is very unusual in this part of California. Most of the furniture developed a slight layer of frost. More people drove slowly by looking than got out of their cars. I couldn't blame them as it was bitter cold. I don't know how you cold weather people do it. Second, we live on a steep hill so our driveway is a 45 degree angle. We had to put the furniture on the sidewalk, which had a lesser angle. The chairs with wheels kept trying to roll down the street, where they could easily have turned the corner and coasted another mile down hill.

I've learned many things from my negotiations class that I was able to put into play for my garage sale. First, you have to understand your interests. What is your motivation for selling these things? For me, it was to make space for my baby's room. We didn't want to store it, but more get rid of it. The financial aspect is pretty low, so I was very amenable to bargains. Second, you have to understand the buyer's interests. People shop garage sales because they love the hunt and they want a good bargain. I was willing to give them that bargain.

There are also those tricks and ploys used during a negotiation. One buyer explained his low offer price in that his wife (waiting in the warm car) really didn't want it, but he did. This is called the hard-hearted partner trick. It is similar to good cop/bad cop except that the bad cop doesn't have to be there (or even exist). I responded to this by extolling the strength of my BATNA, or Best Alternative To Non-Agreement. This meant telling him that his offer was too low since I could just store this until spring when there would be more buyers. The strength of the BATNA is judged by perception, not actual strength. In reality, I did not want to push any of that furniture back up the steep driveway and into my garage to store it until spring. Yet, by telling him that my BATNA was strong, I could show him that I did not have to deal with him at such a low level. Eventually, we were able to strike a deal and because it was battled, we both felt victorious.

So I've gotten rid of my office furniture, bought the crib and changing table, and purchased all the crib bedding. You'd assume I was very secure in my pregnancy. Let's just say that I'm feeling good. Very good. However, not all is perfect and rosy. I still haven't gotten rid of the rest of my follistim or lupron from my refrigerator. I also still have my large bag of needles, antiseptic wipes, and left over progesterone, and my nearly full sharps container. Getting rid of those would be bad juju, and they don't take up much space. It's better that I hold on to them. Kind of like a signal that I'm not being too cocky. I know that such confidence doesn't cause problems, but I can't help but keep a certain level of respect for the dark side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me feel so much better. I still have a bottle of clomid in the cabinet, my basal thermometer in the nightstand drawer, etc etc and can't bring myself to move them.

Sounds like your sale was a huge success and I have now learned a few things from your negotiating class as well!


2:34 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Sounds like me too. I've got three boxes of Gonal-F in my cabinet along with a bag of syringes, needles, and a sharps container. Bad juju to part with them at this point....

I love Half Moon Bay! The company I used to work for when I lived in Atlanta a couple years ago was headquartered in Belmont and I used to travel out there three to four times a year. I love the area--it's gorgeous and you're a lucky gal to live in such splendor (though I like to think that where I live is pretty splendiforous myself!). Glad the garage sale was a boom and not a bust!

7:31 AM  
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