Saturday, December 18, 2004

Procrastinating, as usual

I just returned home from my last trip to Arizona until probably June. As to be expected, my boss was able to duck out of the post-maternity leave question by arriving 45 minutes late for our meeting and wanting to go over my latest financial model first. The next day we were to have lunch together, so at last minute she invited 3 other people. She's good, oh so good at getting out of this discussion. So now it will have to be over the phone. Not the most ideal situation, but that's how she made it.

I also have a horrible cold, probably from the airplane. I always catch things from the airplane. On the flight home, I was squeezed into a middle seat in steerage between my daughter and some big guy who was a total encroacher. He not only put his whole arm on our shared arm rest, but elbow way over on my side. He also sat with his legs wide open, knee in my area. I felt like I was a kid again, sitting in the back seat with my little brother, and I wanted to point out the line of separation between his seat and mine. Instead I did my usual passive aggressive warfare and coughed and sneezed in his direction. I hope he's now drowning in his own mucus.

So I'm sick and I'm at school trying to finish a paper. For those who haven't been to Berkeley before, it is on a hill on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. From my seat right now I can see the Golden Gate bridge (only a little bit of haze around the bottom) and some boats in the bay. It really is a beautiful sight. But I'm not allowed to be gazing and dreaming (and who can while they're sneezing and blowing their nose every few minutes) as I'm supposed to be finishing this stupid paper. Once I do, I'm done for the semester. A free bird. I also have all next week off of work. I will finish shopping, rest and hopefully recover.

Janie is getting very excited and kind of stressed about Christmas. Her stress comes from when she met Santa. The first year she met him, she was a baby and slept through it. The second time she sat on his lap with a sad look on her face. The third time she screamed straight-legged and red-faced. (I used the picture for our Christmas cards; I'm that mean.) The fourth time she sat and smiled, but refused to look at him or talk to him. This time she actually said one word to him. "Barbie." After giving me the complete list all the night before and all the way there, all she told him was Barbie, which is not tops on her list (nor mine). I discovered yesterday that she thinks she's not going to get anything but Barbie because that's all that she told Santa. When I probed for why she only told him Barbie, she told me it was because Santa asked her what kind of doll she wanted. So now she's stressed because she wants so much more and at a higher priority, and I'm a little peeved as I'm assuming that this particular Santa isn't asking the little boys that same question.

I've completed all my long distance shopping and shipping. I've just got to finish up my local stuff. I've got Jamie nearly complete, and haven't bought a single thing for Matt. What do you get for the guy who secretly buys whatever he wants? Matt had not finished his family's long distance shopping (except for that which I did for him). I could say that maybe he thought I would be taking care of it for him, with my cold, with my backache, with my cough, with my paper due, but I don't think he considered it at all. I think he just didn't worry about it until I brought it up to him today that he needed to do it and get it all done today. Then I wrote him a list of all that he needed to do to get it done and he groaned. Not only does he have to face the last-Saturday-before-Christmas crowd for 5 different stops, but he has to bring Janie too. Didn't I warn him to order it online? Yes, but he wants to wrap them...ooops, I guess he just added another step that I forgot to write down. Lucky, lucky guy. He's probably still out there, and probably not too happy about it.

And here I sit, with this view of the bay, surrounded by other students, listening to jazz, and eating whatever sweets they sell. I just try to space my trips to the counter so as not to appear as gluttonous as I really am. Mmmm, lemon cake. Okay, back to work. This paper won't write itself. And when I'm done should I run straight home to relieve Matt, or knowing that I will end up with Janie all tonight and tomorrow should I take advantage and do some solo shopping? Is it an ethical dilemma or just tiny fieldtrips to save my own faculties?

p.s. first hint towards actress... initials M.S.


Blogger Boysmom11 said...

Oh, I've been hoping you'd give us a hint! Is she an "older" actress??

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought you should know - the leg lamp went to my clinic's White Elephant exchange today. It was passed around a bit - no one could look at the thing without laughing. The winner is travelling during the holidays and is going to take it to each house she visits.


7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Meryl Streep?

Heather Ann

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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