Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Review of Past Slogans

Every year we've been married we've toasted to a motto for the year that summed up our desire to have or not have a child that year. It started out so silly and cute.

  • Just us two in '92.
  • Baby Free in '93.
  • Babies No More in '94. (Not that we had one in the first place, just needed something to rhyme.)
  • No Babies Alive in '95.
  • Babies are Nixed in '96.
  • All Babies in Heaven in '97.
  • Babies Would be Great in '98.
  • Babies More Than Fine in '99.
  • Baby is Our Hero in Zero. (Got pregnant & gave birth that year. Must have been a good toast.)
  • Maybe another 1 in '01.
  • Want 2 in '02.
  • Another Baby for me in '03.
  • Another Baby to Adore in '04. (Got pregnant.)

So now we need a toast for '05, which is easier to do while pregnant. I'm thinking, "Another Healthy Baby Alive in '05." After this one, I'll get my tubes tied and plan on not having any more baby or non-baby slogans. Maybe all those non-baby slogans were bad juju. Or maybe not and it was just our way of discussing family planning each year.

Without all my school work to read, I've been able to read again for leisure this break. Last night I read a few chapters in a book called "Expecting Adam." It's about two Harvard PhD's who end up having a child with Down's. It's hard to put down so far. I also have two Downs handbooks so that I can read and learn about my best friend's baby daughter, as well as how I can be a better friend.

I've been back to having nightmares since the tsunami. I'm pregnant (huge like now) and with Janie on the beach in Thailand when the big wave strikes. She can't swim. I'm trying to hold on to her and swim. I'm thinking that if I wasn't pregnant I could do it. I feel like I can't save them both and feel guilty for wanting to put Janie first before myself or this baby. It's really not fair since I haven't met this baby yet and I've loved Janie for years. All those second baby anxieties I guess. I never thought I'd ever really be in this position. I really thought that Janie was it, our only one and we were lucky to have her. We were trying again, naturally for years, 3 IUIs, and then an IVF. Yet, I had lost faith in the process and had come to terms with having only 1. Yet, the IVF worked. And I will have two. I have no idea how this will work. I don't try to second guess it, I guess I'm still surprised despite all this time and this belly. I still think that I'm infertile. I still think that I have nothing in common with other pregnant women I see. I hate answering questions on the pregnancy to strangers because I feel like I'm making it all up.

Back to the minivan negotiations today. I'm struggling over the decision on which options to get. I love all the bells and whistles, but I know that I don't need them. I don't neeeed them. But, having them would make up for the fact that it's a minivan. Doesn't John Travolta call his the "Rolls-Royce of Minivans" or something like that in Get Shorty when everyone questions him on his vehicle?

As for the deal, I know all the available rebates, how much I want for my trade (fair trade in value from kelly blue book, but less than the various listings for same year and model), which fees I will pay (destination if reasonable, taxes 8.75%, license $250-300, documentation of $15 and tire fee of $5), which fees I won't pay (dealer prep, markup, holdback, windows vin etching, flooring assistance, etc), the invoice cost, and the actual dealer cost (invoice minus 3% of the MSRP). As I've learned from my Negotiations class, preparation is the only part of the negotiation that you control and is often the most neglected. The maximum I would pay would be 5% over dealer cost (not invoice) less all the rebates, but I will be working towards getting 3%, which would be the same as $100 under invoice, plus the rebates, plus the 0% financing, plus my fair trade value. I have all day today and tomorrow to negotiate. If not, I will put it off until some month in the future. It's hard to spend the money, but it sure would be nice to have a new car.


Blogger Toni said...

We sound so much alike. I'm starting to wonder the same thing - how am I going to love my first child as much as I do now?

And...what do I get on my minivan b/c I have no choice but to get a minivan...

Will be reading you more to find answers.

10:36 AM  
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