Friday, January 21, 2005

Blusher not needed

I will blame this on pregnancy for lack of better excuse.

Tuesday night after class. I approached the professor to sell my experience and get past the prerequisite. When explaining my work experience I... BLUSHED. Totally and completely red faced.

Last night during class (a different class). The professor has each of us give a 1 minute introduction including our background in healthcare. I... BLUSHED. Later, when he asked for suggestions for interesting topics in healthcare to discus, when I gave my idea I did it again. Bright red. Whole face. And I just knew that everyone in class was looking at me and wondering why I was blushing.

I haven't blushed in so long. I am used to speaking in public, giving big presentations, and can speak well about myself to other people. Why all of a sudden am I turning red in the face whenever I open my mouth in class? It's killing me! I'm no shy butterfly, but I sure look it. And my face is so pale that it's very obvious.

I hope this is temporary.


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