Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Third trimester

Here I am in the 3rd trimester. I can hardly believe it except for how uncomfortable I am. I don't know how I'll make it a few more months. I know that I will, but I know it will be no fun. I'm not very good at keeping track of my weeks or knowing which month I am since nothing is so clear cut (40 weeks does not equal 9 months except in pregnancy). What I do know is that today is January 12th, and I'm due April 12th, so that leaves me with 3 months left... thus 3rd trimester and start of 7th month. Right? Now, since I'll be having a c-section the first week of April, I've got less than 3 months left, and I'm glad because I want to hold him but getting anxious about not having everything ready for him.


  • Sciatica pain - This is sort of like a pinched nerve that goes from my lower back to part way down my left back cheek. It hurts when I walk or put any weight on that leg. Heating pads are my friends.
  • Out of breath - I carry this baby high, just like I did my daughter. My lungs are crushed. I'm constantly out of breath. I think it also has to do with dragging all this weight around. I just can't do things part way. I'm huge which doesn't help.
  • Pain on my left side. - This started last night. I think I cracked a rib coughing. It is a sharp pain, but I have a strong feeling it's rib pain and not internal so I'm not worried, just hurting, especially when I move. Forget twisting, turning, or leaning over on that side.
  • Cough - I've had this same cough since early December. I can't take anything for it so it just continues. I'm really tired of it. Really. Matt says the baby is getting shaken baby syndrome by all my coughing.
  • Flashing spots - I noticed this yesterday. I can see flashing spots in my peripheral vision when I'm in the bathroom or anywhere else where there's white walls. They flash in tune with my heartbeat. Doesn't hurt, just strange.
  • Constant kicks to my cervix - Only a boy would do this. My daughter never did. Please son, move on, I no likee.

Good News:

  • No contractions. No bleeding. This is good because it was at this point during my last pregnancy when I had premature labor and was put on bed rest.
  • Low blood pressure. I checked it in the grocery store. 96/56 which I don't think can get any lower. My blood pressure is low naturally which means I get dizzy easily but if it wasn't low I'd be more worried about seeing the spots.
  • No swelling. I had tons of this in my last pregnancy, so much so that I couldn't wear shoes or jewelry. I'm still wearing my wedding ring which is amazing to me.

So no medical emergencies, just normal complaints. Nothing I can't handle but I reserve the right to whine and complain as much as any fertile myrtle.

On other news...

Last night I got the itching to spend some money. I was feeling like I wasn't getting ready enough for the baby. I went to the baby store with the intent of buying a stroller. I checked it out and think I picked out the one I want. Or I thought I did. It seems like a good stroller with the car seat/carrier combined. Then I looked at the very expensive ones and couldn't help but wonder why they were so special. They didn't include a car seat but their styling was more modern. Is it style? Or something else? So I started doubting myself and thought about how I'd just have to store this giant behemoth a few more months anyways, so I didn't buy it.

So instead I registered. It may sound strange, but I liked doing it on my own instead of with Matt. He would have hated it anyway. I'm not going to have a shower, and probably won't tell anyone else I'm registered, but it was fun shopping for all the items and making an electronic list. It's very short because there's things I don't need and I looked mainly at the large items. When I handed it back in, they gave me back a long list of things I had "forgotten" to register for.

Meanwhile, I ended up purchasing clothes, especially undershirts and gowns. I'm sure I'll get some clothes from family as gifts before the birth, but I couldn't shake this panicky feeling that I'd bring this baby home with nothing to dress him in. My best purchase was a tiny navy sailor suit with matching hat. I understand now why so many mothers dressed their baby boys in sailor suits. It's the only thing nearly as cute as the baby girl clothes. Considering I'm doing his room in sailboats etc, I'm going to find if there's some way I could display this outfit in the room somehow.


Blogger chris said...

If I could re-do one purchase from my son, it would be to spend as little as possible on the car seat/stroller combo because the stroller is complete crap and too big to use after a while. It's all so bulky. Actually, I would have bought a good carseat and one of those things (can't remember the name, universal something?) you snap the car seat into to push around and then spend big money on the smaller, umbrella type stroller (like a MacLaren) later.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pazel-
not to butt in here, but I wanted to mention that sometimes seeing spots or floaters in pregnancy can be a first sign of pre-eclampsia, so you might want to mention it to your doctor at your next visit. I did notice that you said your BP was good, but you still may want to mention it. Again, not meaning to freak you out, but I thought you might want to know. And you probably were going to tell them your list of complaints anyway.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pazel!
We're still only 2 days apart on our due date, though your scheduled c-section is going to change that a bit. Either way, I suck at tracking the time too, but I have a little ticker thing that tells me. (don't worry, I typically keep it to myself)

Today it says that I'm 27 weeks 5 days so you would be 27 weeks 3 days if you're due on the 12th. That means we're both done with our 27th week, in our 28th. And, it tells me I have 86 days left. So you would have 88, only we would subtract a few depending on the date of your c-section. Hope that helps. Not that anyone else would be able to follow it, anyway. ;)


7:48 AM  
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