Thursday, February 03, 2005

Just a little protein

I'm very calm by all outward appearances. I really have no reason to be nervous, but I am a little anxious. At my OB appointment this morning I had protein in my urine (+3 on the scale of 1-4 where 0 is normal and +1 means to run more tests). Actually, what happened was that I went pee before arriving there, so I couldn't go but a tiny bit. They tested it and it came up positive. I drank two cups of water. A short time later I peed again, a tiny bit and it also came up positive for urine. I knew the second one was positive before they told me because the nurse came in to check my blood pressure a second time.

On the other hand, my blood pressure continues to be low, 100 over something. This is good because all that I read about pre-eclampsia is that blood pressure is high which causes all the problems.

My only weird feeling is that of fainting this morning. It starts with ringing in my ears, feeling of weakness, and then the world starts to go yellow. Before it does, I sit down with my head between my knees and I get better. I couldn't stand for longer than a few minutes this mornign without feeling it. My doctor said it was probably from dehydration as I acknowledged that I had only had a half glass of OJ with my breakfast that morning. I'm still feeling weak and tired this afternoon, but nothing unusual.

So my fun task for tomorrow is to pee in this very large orange-juice-looking container, saving all my urine except the first morning one for 24 hours. The worst part is that it has to stay refridgerated. It's a good thing I work from home because otherwise I couldn't imagine having to carry this jug from my office to the restroom all day.

Considering it takes 24 hours to do this test and the clock doesn't start until tomorrow, then it's the weekend, I may not have any results for awhile. As long as I don't develop any other symptoms, I'm to proceed as normal (except add an iron supplement since I'm slightly anemic).

Then again, once I know what the symptoms were that I'm looking for, I become hypersensitive to them. So now what's probably a slight headache from being behind on my water is now becoming a sign of pre-eclampsia. In other words, I'm going to drive myself crazy.

For those of you in the know, can you have pre-eclampsia without high blood pressure?

I'm working to convince myself that the protein was just a fluke and all is really well. I'm 30 weeks and 3 days, feeling huge and uncomfortable but otherwise well. My blood pressure is great. If it were such an emergency I wouldn't be home typing, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pazel - I hope everything turns out ok. Get lots of water! I too have wondered the same question about whether you can have pre-eclampsia and low blood pressure. The last couple of times (2) I've gone to the dr. I've had a trace of protein in my urine but my blood pressure has been low.

If it is that way when I go in again on the 14th I intend to ask some more questions, but in the meantime I'm hoping someone else has additional information.


1:58 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

I'm not sure if you can have low blood pressure and be pre-eclamptic. My best friend had HELLP (or is it HELPP?) syndrome with her first child. It is considered a precursor to pre-eclampsia, and it involved protein in her urine, edema, and elevated blood pressure. So it would seem like either way, you'd have to have elevated blood pressure but what do I know?

Enjoy the 24 hour pee test--I had to do that the first time I saw the perinatalogist. Lucky for me, they let me wait to do it the following weekend--since I don't work from home, there was no way I could lug the chilled vat of urine around my workplace! And you'll be surprised at how much you fill it up--mine was to the rim! I thought there was no way that could be done...ha, again, what do I know?

Hope the protein is just a fluke!

2:26 PM  
Blogger Jen P said...


This is so scary! I know HELLP is a biggie when protein is found in the urine, so keep an eye out for those symptoms and I hope the test results come back quickly!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just 'one of those things' that's going around and you're both safe. As for the urine test, I hope those results come in quickly. And thank goodness for working at home!

best wishes to you

3:58 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Thinking of you, babe.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting and hoping it goes away.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Demented M said...

I did this test too, but for a different reason as I have not yet been pg (oooo look at me, commenting on a pg person's blog--I imagine I shall be stoned later tonight).

Anyways, I remember to 'catch' all the pee, but then I dropped the container and spilled.

I never told the doc--to embarassed--I can't even catch and hold on to my own damn pee.

Who knows if the test was accurate or not?


1:31 PM  
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Anonymous forsaken803 said...

sorry to tell you but you need to have more test done on your kidneys... I have 4+ protein in mine and I am 44 years old and on dialysis... there are more test like blood work to see certain levels of different things to determine if it is something serious....I LEARNED THE HARD

2:46 PM  
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