Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Random late night thoughts...

  • Had a great sex dream last night about Elvis. Young Elvis, and it was very realistic. I hummed Suspcious Minds a lot today.
  • Belly button is flat as a pancake. It won't poke out, it didn't with my last pregnancy either. A guy at work once told me that you're supposed to tape a quarter to your belly button to keep it from popping out. I hate to think of someone actually following that suggestion. It either will or it won't, quarters won't help.
  • Janie has taken her baby playing to the next step. She likes to put her head and shoulders under my shirt and pretend she's in my belly. She moves around a little and I rub her head from the outside and wonder aloud about good baby girl names until I pick the name Janie.
  • I've been eating too many Oreo cookies. So addictive.
  • My pants still are falling down. The under belly thing still doesn't work for me.
  • My shirts are too short for my big belly. The underside of my belly gets lots of cool breezes.
  • Combine below belly pants with too-short-shirts and you get a very unusable wardrobe. Since I can't buy anything else at this late date, I've been recycling the few workable items I have over and over again.
  • I have not had a school day yet this semester where someone didn't comment on my size.
  • My professor introduced me to a speaker the other day as Pazel who is due in April. I guess that's all anyone now needs to know about me anymore.
  • We're shopping for a new tv. Matt wants plasma and big and HDTV, so he's priced us far beyond what we're willing to spend. In other words, we may be without a new tv for a long while.
  • While working on an electrical project under the house today, Matt discovered a small swimming pool of standing water from the rains under our bedroom. Our new beautiful gutters and downspouts were directing the water right into the crawl space. If he hadn't been working on this other project, he never would have found it. He adjusted the downspout, and tomorrow he's going to get the water out. The fun never ends on this house.
  • Working on a family geneology project, my brother sent me the marriage certificate information on Matt's parents. The year was when Matt was a year old instead of a year or two before. When Matt got home I told him about it and of course he said it was wrong. He called his parents and found out it was right afterall. What they said (and I'm suspicious) was that they had found out their wedding in 67 was illegal so they had to redo it in 70 when he was 1. They had never told him this story before and were so surprised that he found out. I'm sure they're telling all their neighbors in Nowhere, Nevada, to beware of any family secrets because they are all out there on the evil internet, although I'm not sure they'll tell them what family secret was discovered. Of course I then got to tell Matt that I always knew he was a little bastard.


Blogger sweetisu said...

Ah, those wild sex dreams. Great fun aren't they?
Tis' about the only symptom I've had thus far on this pregnancy.

8:00 AM  

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