Friday, February 04, 2005

The Secret is Out

My secret life is over. I may as well come clean with it since I'm no longer under contract to not disclose it.

Up until today we were a Nielsen family. For the uninitiated what this means is that our televisions had trackers on them that made notes on what we watched. Each night it would call into the Nielsen company and upload this information. Based on this information from many, many homes, Nielsen would come out with ratings on television shows. Our family represented the viewing habits of 10,000 families.

For this, we received a $25 check each year and another $25 each time we purchased a new TV or dvd player. That's it. Matt hated it. He felt like it was big brother in our living room. I loved it. I loved the power that what I liked was what everyone liked. Yes! Yep, single-handedly we kept Clifford the Big Red Dog and CSI on the air. Unfortunately, my husband had a hand in those damn motorcycle building shows that now the Discovery channel seems to be showing 24/7. I had strict rules that neither Judge Judy nor Jerry Springer would every appear on our television, but apparently there must be other households making up for our lack of viewership.

Anyways, our contract ended and today they came and took away all the equipment. Matt is happy, I'm kind of sad. Now it's back to having no say on what comes on our tv. We are at the whims of all the other Nielsen homes and whatever they watch. I don't have any influence to save the shows I love, like Arrested Development and the Simpsons.

As an interesting point, this was not something we had chosen to get involved in. Actually, you can't call them up and ask to be part of it. They do it by random sample of addresses. When we bought our house, little did we know that it was already in the sample.

I've been proud to serve. I would gladly have done more. Now it's back to good old privacy and the freedom to watch whatever crap comes on without wondering if falling asleep with the tv on would cause an overabundance of weepy Hallmark television specials.

(p.s. Between you and I, I forgot to catch and save one of my pees today. How bad is that? Should I pour out all I've collected and start over tomorrow? Or carry on with the rest with the hope that it doesn't make a difference. I think I already know the answer but I'm always hoping for a way out.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One pee won't make it or break it.


What pee?


2:40 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

My boys thank you for keeping Clifford on the air! :D

As for the pee, I don't think missing one pee in 24 hours will change the results.

7:48 AM  

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