Monday, March 14, 2005

Blah blah blah, I'm huge, blah blah blah

Last night on The Simpsons one of Marge's sisters went through International Adoption. There was one point during a commercial where I was glued to my seat and very anxious thinking that if they didn't end this one right I would stop all my years of watching this show. Thankfully they gave me my happy ending. Now if only all adoption journeys could be wrapped up between commercials.

Yesterday I let Matt measure my belly. I told him it was 46 inches just a few weeks ago. He disagreed, and sure enough, its now 50 1/2 inches around. I could write all my usual stuff about how uncomfortable I am, but I think you know.

While shopping at Lowes this weekend, a few different things happened. First, as I was pushing Janie in the cart, I hit a bump, stopping the cart, but I kept going. So I hit my stomach on it pretty good. I thought I would get a good bruise, but not even a red mark. My mind was then sidetracked thinking about his crushed hiney. If he comes out with so much as a dimple on his butt I will blame myself for not paying better attention as I was walking.

Second, as I was shopping for curtains for Janie's playhouse, an employee approaches me very moth-like.
You must be having twins.
No, I'm just big.
But you must be.
When are you due?
Very soon. This is my last month.
But you haven't dropped. Shouldn't your belly have dropped if you're getting close?
I never did with my first either.
I think it's twins. It must be. It has to be.
No, but thank you.

Do I have any posts which are not about how big I am? Not many. I try, but not many.


Anonymous Kris said...

I have to say it, I wish we could trade places.

People look at me and until just recently, must think I'm fat.

When I was talking to my mom while she was in the hospital, the nurse came in, said, oh, your pregnant, when are you due, and I said May, and she said, WOW your tiny.

Another nurse said, I didn't even realize you were pregnant, you carry it well.

Now I'm wearing form fitting shirts just to look pregnant.

At which point a little girl I know yesterday asked me what baby we were talking about when I mentioned the baby kicking me, and I said, the one inside me, and she said, you're pregnant????

Anyhow, yeah, long comment, but lol, I wish I was huge, and I wish people would comment on my pregnancy, and touch my belly, and all that. I'm strange, I know. If it was happening, and I was huge, I'd probably complain about it, lol.

9:50 AM  
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