Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I'm still sick. I think this cold is doing a really good job of distracting me from my deadline. Monday. The baby is coming Monday. This Monday.

I saw my GP yesterday because I felt very short of breath. I brought my bag of medicines. He basically told me that I have pregnancy induced asthma. I need to take Flovent twice a day, Albuterol as needed, Flonase when stuffy, and my Promethazine cough syrup nightly. (And I asked but Robitussin is bad and I should avoid it.) I've given up caffeine and alcohol completely, yet I'm supposed to take all these meds? His answer was yes. The message I got was that I've been sufferring since early December with this cough because I keep getting prescriptions but not taking them thinking I'm doing what's best for my baby. It's all my fault. He didn't say that exactly, but he did.

So last night I did as I was told and took all the meds. I slept like a rock for the first time in forever. I got up this morning with Janie, sat on the couch, and soon was asleep. She was a good girl, ate her breakfast and got herself dressed. I woke up (barely), got her hair done, made her lunch, dressed myself and took her to school. I felt like I was still drugged and so incredibly drowsy. Every action was incredibly difficult. I couldn't wait to drop her off so I could fall asleep on the couch again.

So sleeping is good, but feeling drugged is very, very bad. And my baby has been quiet today as he is the day after whenever I take that cough syrup. I hate that. Absolutely.

So maybe this sickness is my own fault for not taking my meds, but it's better if I am the sick one instead of him. I don't know if I'll take the cough medicine again tonight. I'll take the other meds, but the cough syrup is hard. Too much guilt.

See, my sickness is a good distraction. Monday. Wow.


Blogger Jen P said...

Pazel, I've been trying to comment lately, but uuuugh, blogger!!!!

I hope the meds kick in and you can get some rest and I do agree...nixing the cough syrup and getting that little guy moving again would be a huge relief to you.

Wishing the best!!

2:45 PM  
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