Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dog Days

My doggy is sick. She was laying around, not even getting up to greet me when I'd return into the house. We took her to the vet and an x-ray shows that she ate a plastic grocery bag. She's at the vet's today and they'll either get her to throw it up, or she'll have to have surgery. My poor dog. Today I feel so alone without her laying by my feet.

When I brought her into the vet's office, some woman had two large dogs on a leash who jumped at my dog, barking, growling, snarling. I was walking in just thinking about the possibility of surgery when these out of control dogs tried to attack, scared me and made me scream. The woman didn't even apologize, just acted like it was somehow my fault for bringing my dog in. Look lady, if you can't control your dogs then bring them in one at a time. My dog is also large but you'll notice that she stays by my side and sits when I say sit once. If she jumped and tried to attack some 9 month pregnant woman and her sick dog, I would at least apologize.

I forgot to say that I'm on Spring Break this week. Sure, I'm still working, but no school. I flashed Matt last night in my own absurd version of Girls Gone Wile. I asked if I should go to Fort Lauderdale and dance all night, maybe that would start labor. Then again, maybe Snoop would see my naked belly and too dark humongous nipples and be stricken blind. F'shizzle.


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