Saturday, August 21, 2004

Pirate jokes anyone?

I'm drowning in work. I've got so much, that my weekend will be shot. Unfortunately, the girls night card game I was planning to go to tonight has been cancelled, which was to be an evening for me in the City without hubby or child. I'll survive. I'll probably spend the evening working instead.

One of the things I'm working on is a large annual presentation I coordinate for all the directors, managers, supervisors, etc in our hospital to kick-off the annual budget. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Every year, in addition to all the dry material, I try to put in something funny, if only mildly so to make the presentation more tolerable.

This year, I've got a guest speaker lined up, most of the slides for my boss, COO, and myself completed, but I'm still working on my video clip. This year it is supposed to be in silent movie black and white type. It's about our hospital as a ship. The theme is that our budget is our navigation tool towards getting to our destination, treasure in the form of new equipment, new technologies, etc. The special effects are ridiculously low key, complete with toy boat, clouds on strings, and bathtub sharks. I also have some various crew to defend the ship, and three-stooges pirates who try to take us over. I have a picture of our CEO superimposed on Russel Crowe's body in Master & Commander. I show the picture getting splashed by water during the storm scene, and a little burnt around the edges after the battle with pirates, yet he's still smiling. It's all very goofy, but as this is my 6th year of doing this, the directors expect no less.

The hard part is to divide up my time between getting everything in the system ready for kick-off, get the book ready that we hand out, and getting the serious part of the presentation ready at the same time I'm directing some toy sharks circling a toy boat or reviewing the editing done on the pirate scene. Some parts are more fun than others, but it's all important. The presentation is a week from Tuesday, so time is short until then. In the meantime, I'm trying to think of some good pirate or sailing jokes I could tell the group. Know of any?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone under 17 should leave the room now as this presentation is rated arrrrgh.
Yes, I know the joke is horrible. My apologies.

12:06 PM  
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