Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm too excited to sleep

On a whim, from a flurry of last minute planning, from sheer happiness and excitement, Janie and I are going to Disneyland tomorrow! We're flying out tonight, doing the big D all day tomorrow, then flying back Sunday afternoon. Just Janie and I, and the pump of course. Matt is happily staying home to care for Jack - for 1 day and 2 nights, when I will be having a ball and/or sleeping soundly. And you can't wipe the smile from my face.

Next weekend I have a school function, and then I'll be going to Arizona for work. And the following weekend we're going on a family camping trip. What's with all this activity? It is the last minute flurry I have gotten together before school starts again and my weekends are for studying. Oh, and we'll be poorer then since I'll be working part time. Like the little grasshopper I am, time to hurry up and party and not worry about the winter.

And I need to spend time with Janie. Just her and I. She's been such a good sport about all the many dealings with Jack. She used to be our only, our center of attention. She lost that spotlight more than most and I want to let her know that it's good to be a big kid.

We told her last night so I'm sure that today at school she's broadcasting it to every child and teacher. "I'm going to Disneyland." in a 4-year old bragging way. I tried talking to her about being nice because the other kids don't get to go, but I know that she'll want to shout it and dance as she does it. It's more of a self-involved happiness than anything maleficent.

What she doesn't know is that she will be having breakfast with the princesses tomorrow morning. The Princesses. Oh boy.

I'm going to miss my baby terribly. Especially at night. Sure, I'll be sleeping, but I'll be reaching for him. I love him so.

Matt has big plans for movie day all day tomorrow while he's with Jack. He's gone out shopping to get himself lots of good food and drinks to really enjoy the weekend.

Oh, I got a crack up on my misspelling of the word winches. My husband would have loved to have used wenches instead. Especially ones that serve beer.

And thank you thank you regarding the note that my son may not need any extra water or anything. Anything I read tells me either nothing on the subject of post-surgery or says there will be dietary and dehydration considerations but doesn't say exactly what. I suppose that's because it differs by how much intestine is lost. There's also a percentage who will continue to have issues with 'accidents' and diaper rash is supposed to be an absolute nightmare. Oh, and toilet training will take longer. Such is the fun of Hirschsprungs.

Sometimes I think my life is about 75% poop. That's not to say that it's bad, just a focus on a subject that I usually wouldn't discuss. I guess Jack has demystified the poop. It is what it is. The ability to poop is an extremely important function. Without it, my son almost died. Now he has it in an unconventional manner. He poops out his side into a bag. Still unbelievable.

This morning as we were changing Jack, Janie asked about when she was a baby. When we told her she didn't have a bag, she was genuinely surprised. She asked, "Then how did I poop?" "You pooped out your butt." Another surprised look. "How come?" "Because you were just fine. Jack needs a little more help, but he'll be just fine too." Four year olds just figure that whatever is going on in their house must be going on all over. It is normal, no question. And I LOVE that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous girl! Kids are so incredibly sweet. Have fun on your Mom/Daughter trip, sounds fabulous!

2:22 PM  
Blogger obabe said...

I've been reading but not commenting lately, and think of you often. I'm so glad to read that things are looking up and are 'normal' (whatever that is :) ). Fwiw, I also had read differing things regarding water/fluid intake and HD. We just always have a sippy around within reach for Benjamin (who is 2 as of yesterday!) and its worked out well, as he drinks alot in general. Diaper rash- oh yeah! We're still dealing with it, it comes and goes. The ONLY stuff that works for Benjamin are Pampers sensitive touch wipes, and either Sensi-care cream or ILEX paste. Both are not prescription creams, but need to be special ordered from the pharmacy. Since youre using bags, your contact at the supply company could also suggest creams that are good. Dont even botehr with things like desitin, a&d, etc. I know this is all in the future, but surgery will happen before you know it! I hope you had a wonderful time at Disney. Totally random, but I'm assuming there is no relation to the clothing company

11:59 AM  
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