Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Slowest Moving Blog Ever

If you're reading this, I'm completely amazed. Really. I mean really really.

My life has been full of change. I graduated from Berkeley. We moved from California to the desert. I have a new job where I've got an office and title and staff and day care. Yep, I'm a bad mother (tongue in cheek). But after the last 5+ years of being home, it's a change, which I needed. I'm still getting used to all of it.

Jack is great. He does fine in day care, but he does get sick easy, and often and worse, so I'm looking for something else - probably share a nanny. I'm not sure how to set that up and I barely have time so I'm not sure how I'll change it now.

My favorite things about him....
~~When I lay him down to bed and he just lays there and looks at me. No crying. Almost like he's nodding his head to say "you're right, I am tired."
~~When the phone rings and he goes running through the house looking for it saying "uh-oh, uh-oh". If it's a telemarketer, I let him answer it. Just for this reason I haven't signed up for the do not call list for our new phone. If it's not, then I answer and he cries until I'm done. Then I call our home phone with my cell so as to get him happy again. (I'm a sucker.)
~~When he tries to give me big giant open mouth kisses.

What I'd change...
~~How he cries at every diaper change. That diaper rash never goes away so it hurts. And he poops 6-8 times per day so I have to change him often and use wipes. Poor little guy.
~~And, how he sometimes wakes too early and wants to be held. So I feed him (yup, still bf-ing at 15 months) and love him, but then I put him down to do my hair and he cries at my legs. Then at work I notice the baby snot smeared on my knee.

As for Janie, she's perfect as usual. This little girl is so well behaved, easy going, polite and everything, my friends want her as a role model for their kids. She's always in a good mood. I'm not sure how I ever deserved such an angel. I like to sing her songs on the radio and change the names to her or Jack. Today it was a country song (don't you judge me) that went "To the worrrrld, you may be just another girrrrrrl. But to meeeeeee. JANIE you aaaare the worrld." I do it because it makes her smile. It makes me smile too.

As for Matt, he's working outdoors which is hardcore out here. Friday it was 120! And he's doing it for me, so I could get this new job here. What more need I say about a guy like that?

So a pretty boring update. And that's how I like it. Boring. Life isn't perfect, but it's not as exciting as it used to be. And that's good.